Conditions of sale

  1. The Aire Flo-Screed supply and place service includes material, pump, operator, and installation of screed to the customer’s requirements. The customer retains full responsibility for the provision of required levels. From the datum level that you provide, the Aire Flo-Screed team will install levelling indicators for your approval / sign-off prior to the pour commencing. In addition to points 5 – 8 the customer will take responsibility for preparation works and meeting the delivery. This service takes the legal form of a supply only contract.


  1. The supply & place service allows for providing an SR2 finish (5mm tolerance under a 2m straight edge as BS8204-1:2003) and a departure from datum tolerance of +/- 10mm.


  1. Deliveries will be invoiced by the actual volume of material supplied to the nearest 0.25m³ when over our minimum charge value of upto 2m3.


  1. Prices are based upon payment in advance only. Payment must be received 24 hours in advance of screed supply. If the volume of the screed supplied exceeds the amount ordered, the customer agrees to pay for the additional material as invoiced on the day.


  1. A dedicated water supply will be required for the full duration while we are on site. Typically a flow rate of 30 litres per minute is required.


  1. Aire Flo-Screed vehicles routinely carry 80m of delivery hose. An additional 70m can be supplied at no extra charge, but must be requested by the customer. Pours beyond 150m will require additional equipment and staffing and will be priced accordingly.


  1. Designated area and skip to be provided by the customer for washing out / waste disposal.


  1. Access to site and a level hard standing batching area of 16m long x 2.7m wide x 3.8m high will be required. All deliveries will be made by rigid lorry, The Customer shall not cause or permit any damage to any of the Supplier’s equipment at any time.


  1. The Customer shall prepare the delivery premises for adequate access by the Supplier’s Screed mixing vehicles. The Customer shall be responsible for ensuring safe and adequate access and egress from/to the delivery premises by the Supplier’s vehicles, to the extent that such access is not via public highways. Save in the event of negligence by the Supplier (or its employees), the Supplier shall not be liable for any damage caused by its vehicles to the delivery premises, or any property located on the access or egress route from or to the delivery premises, arising from any failure by the Customer to comply with its obligations in this clause.


  1. The Customer warrants further that it is solely responsible for determining the specification of the Goods to be delivered to it and for ensuring that such Goods are suitable and adequate for its purposes.


  1. The customer does and will take full responsibility for the complete clean down of the site and all public areas once the supplier’s vehicle has finished dispensing the goods. This includes any sand, stone, oil or cement / binder residue left in any public or private areas.


  1. Prices are for deliveries within our standard area. For any deliveries outside this area there will be an additional charge, as advised on the quote above.


  1. Our charge for an abortive visit or a cancellation within 24 hours is a minimum of £1000.00 or 30% of the total value of the order whichever is the greater. This will be applied to cover the cost of materials and haulage ordered, taken to or on route to site to fulfil the original order and to cover material that is subject to disposal.


  1. After an initial 1 hour set up period, Aire Flo-Screed reserve the right to charge an additional £90.00 per hour, per vehicle, for delays caused by the customer/site.


  1. Prices are subject to VAT at the current rate, Prices are based on use of our mobile batching vehicle on site and are valid for 30 days.


  1. Weekend bookings are subject to an additional charge depending on volume and location.